1.About us

Khakbaz Medical Industries

has recently been changed to
Kasra Behdis Equipments (LTD)
Kasra behdis equipments launched its operation in the year 1981 in the field of producing hospital equipments and by passing time it's operation improved greatly.
Designing and developing products is a long step in the way of goals of this organization .
Today after passing more than 30 years this company proudly can say that it has important role in the way of offering service to treatment society of Iran and we could able to increase our competition ability .our success is dependant upon God's grace sincere attempts of our employees and taking positive steps like binding to legal obligations ,using from suitable technology in the in the way of production ,investment and regarding great value to culture for executing quality management system for reaching to final goal of productivity .
It must be mentioned that in the way of offering sincere service to our customers and people by grace of God and every growing attempt of our employees we have created a clear perspective for offering better service to treatment society of Iran .
Kasra behdis equipment white qualified experts teams and usage of up to date management and quality system are trying to demand products that are reliable ,whit high quality ,and appealing your trust.

2.Organizational philosophy
The greatest profit is gained when patient is in complete comfort and relaxed .

Satisfaction of Iran health and treatment society from activities of kasra behdis equipment and having important role for supplying needs of market having reputation and validity among customers and other producers having complete organizational health with basics of inner & outer organizational  trust,ever growing partnership of members of organizational and high motivation of employees
Strengthening for considerable activity in the field of export

4.Certificated & accredited
All our products are designed ,manufactured and serviced according to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001:2000 certificated by AJA registrars .

5.Applied standards
.  ISO 9001:2008
.  ISO 13485:2003
.  ISIRI  13485 
.  ISIRI  3368
.  EN  980
.  EN  1041
.   IEC 60601
.   IEC  60601-1-1
.   IEC 60601-1-2
.   IEC  60601-2-38
.   Requirements of medical device directive 93/42/EEC

All products of kasra behdis equipment have 1 year guarantee 10 years after sales service
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